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struggled to keep the US on the sideline Kennedy’s childhood and America’s reticence ended in the same transformational furnace The young man connived his way past Navy doctors to earn command of a PT boat in the South Pacific and when that boat was sunk by the Japanese and the injured Kennedy managed to bring the 10 crewmen who weren’t immediately killed to safety he became a hero The story of PT-109 launched the political career that fell on Kennedy’s shoulders after the combat death of his charismatic older brother Joe The war remade the US as well The leading economies of Europe and Asia were decimated while the economy of the US had been rescued from the Depression and turbocharged The vestiges of the European empires crumbled while the zone of US influence swelled A country that had resisted the world stage suddenly dominated it You see these two creations–John F Kennedy and the American superpower–rising together feeling their way forward through the late 1940s growing into a shared determination to meet the challenges and opportunities opened by the cataclysm of the war Before the war Kennedy talked of being a history professor in a book-lined study; now as a Congressman and then US Senator he radiated an ambition to be President When he won that office in 1960 he went to work on an Inaugural Address that would bring all of this into focus–the fact that a people shaped by their tumultuous century would seize the moment offered by history a responsibility vast and weighty full of danger and promise The unforgettable passages still ring of authenticity: they were the right words at the right time from the right man “Let the word go forth from this time and place to friend and foe alike that the torch has been passed to a new generation of Americans–born in this century tempered by war disciplined by a hard and bitter peace proud of our ancient heritage … Let every nation know whether it wishes us well or ill that we shall pay any price bear any burden meet any hardship support any friend oppose any foe to assure the survival and the success of liberty” He was a tough glamorous relentless man representing a tough glamorous relentless nation a union of a man and a moment so apt that his brief presidency which was marked by appalling failures to go with his inspiring triumphs still stands out from the background of history No other President who served so little time in office is remembered with such intensity and passion Part of that it must be said was the incomparable shock of his murder in broad daylight with a camera rolling But just as important was this window he opened onto his nation To look at Kennedy and to study his presidency is to glimpse America coming to grips with the nuclear age waking up to the moral imperative of civil rights fumbling with the dirty business of counterinsurgencies and regime change He encapsulates the giddy conviction that Hey America can do anything–a notion that produced both the moon landings and the Vietnam War Kennedy is the high before the lows of Watts and Watergate and Whip Inflation Now; the buoyant marker of a fleeting hope that the laws of historical gravity might be suspended if not revoked outright The nation at Kennedy’s centennial is a different place looking inward instead of outward stepping back from the world instead of toward it America is led by a generation of politicians who grew up in the relative peace of the postwar order answering to an electorate more exhausted than energized by the duties of a superpower In the White House is a man whose Inaugural Address was in many ways a repudiation of Kennedy’s “Ask not what your country can do for you” Kennedy demanded Donald Trump said by contrast that “a nation exists to serve its citizens Americans want great schools for their children safe neighborhoods for their families and good jobs for themselves These are the just and reasonable demands of a righteous public” Kennedy spoke of a trumpet summoning Americans to “a long twilight struggle year in and year out … against the common enemies of man: tyranny poverty disease and war itself” He spoke of “a grand and global alliance North and South East and West that can assure a more fruitful life for all mankind” He welcomed his role and responsibility and those of his generation as defenders of “freedom in its hour of maximum danger” and asked “Will you join in that historic effort” Trump issued “a new decree to be heard in every city in every foreign capital and in every hall of power From this day forward a new vision will govern our land From this moment on it’s going to be America first” It remains to be seen decades from now whether this new President will be judged at his centennial to be the enduring representative of a new and insular America Or will the nation after stepping back heed again the trumpet’s call and the twilight struggle John F Kennedy was the face and voice of an America that understood the high price of peace and freedom and with clear-eyed determination was ready to pay it TIME Books Read more in TIME’s new special edition JFK available now in the TIME Shop and on Amazon Contact us at editors@timecom This appears in the June 05 2017 issue of TIMEThey remind me of the Dirty Dozen Except there are more than twelve of these guys And they look more badass In that classic 1967 war movie the Allies recruit twelve scarred convicts for a mission to parachute behind enemy lines and kill Nazis The Allied command figures these murderers are the best men to murder murderersand they don’t care if the men ever come back Read More: How the Mexican Drug Trade First Began In 2014 the Mexican government made a similar calculation: It decided that gangsters were the best people to take out gangsters In the Pacific state of Michoacánone of the most violent and crime-ridden in the countryit formed an elite squadron with the job of hunting down leaders of the bizarrely named Knights Templar cartel The unit was nominally part of a Rural State Force created that year to deputize vigilantes fighting the traffickers But full-on mob assassins also jumped in apparently to help take out their rivals Many hailed from a gang known as Los Viagras in the market town of Apatzingán a hub of drug traffickers Others came from mountain villages nestled amid marijuana and opium fields On Sept 4 of that year I find about 50 members of the squadron milling around a parking lot at the entrance to Apatzingán They are comparing weapons and getting ready for a mission to storm through villages on a missing to find Knights Templar leader Servando Gómez alias “La Tuta” They are seriously tooled up Supposedly the Rural Force are only allowed to carry government-issued AR-15 rifles But who cares The squadron here has everything up to huge G3 machine guns which the Mexican army also uses They refer to their weapons by farmyard names which is fitting because Michoacán is a fertile agricultural state They call fifty-caliber bullets jabalitos or "little boars" Their beloved Kalashnikovs are “goats horns” because of their curved ammunition clips However to turn the AK-47 into a really lethal machine they use circular clips with a hundred bullets When you spray a hundred caps in ten seconds you have a pretty good chance of hitting your target and anybody close by They call the circular clips huevos or "eggs" A lot of them carry grenade launchers mostly fixed to their rifles They call the grenades papas or "potatoes" They tape grenades and ammo clips round their waists and across their chests giving them the look of authentic desperadoes Read More: The Actor the Kingpin and Mexico’s Drug War as Entertainment The gangsters also show me their personalized sidearms The pistols are decorated in diamonds and other stones with classic narco designs One of them has El Jefe"The Boss"engraved into his pistol He asks if I take "ice" the name they use for crystal meth (I say I don’t) The Michoacán mob churns out meth by the ton providing for tweakers from Kentucky to California "El Jefe" remarks how pure the local ice is DEA agents have told me that they agree They say that Michoacán meth is the purest they have ever found I take photos of the guys with their weapons They do battle poses The two-meter-tall guy tells me not to take his picture I say that is fine Then another man in his late forties appears from nowhere and points his finger at me He accuses me of being a DEA agent "He is DEA Why is he taking photos" I assure him that I am a journalist and I try to shake his hand He refuses "The DEA busted my brother in Texas" he growls "The agent was posing as a journalist" The atmosphere changes in a flash I tell him that I am not even American Im British I point out a website that features my work El Jefe finds it on his smartphone My accuser relaxes a little and turns to me "If I see you again I am going to put a bullet in your head" He taps his forehead with his finger and points at me To make sure the message gets across he adds "Ill throw a papa [grenade] at you" I do my best to smile *** Back in the 1970s hit men from Mexico to Brazil used to be assassins who killed quietly in the black of night Now they have transformed into commandos with light infantry weapons even shoulder-held rocket launchers A band of traffickers called the Zetas even build their own tanks which look like something from the fantasy road wars of Mad Max They pour into towns in convoys of 30 pickups to massacre terrified residents They attack soldiers in ambushes opening fire with fifty-caliber rifles In many cases they use the same battle tactics as Latin Americas old guerilla armies Read More: How the Mafia Makes Millions Out of the Plight of Migrants The leftist guerrilla was an emblematic symbol of Latin America in the twentieth century personified in the iconic photos of Che Guevara In the new millennium guerrillas have disappeared from most of the continent The growth of democracy has allowed former radicals to become politicians even presidents The idea of establishing Marxist dictatorships has been discredited Some of the remaining guerrillas like the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia or FARC have become major cocaine traffickers But where the beret-wearing freedom fighters have disappeared cartel armies have risen Tragically the cartel sicario with a Kalashnikov is a more dominant symbol of the new Americas Far more young people idolize Chapo Guzmán the billionaire drug trafficker caught on Jan 8 than Che Guevara The new generation of kingpins from Mexico to Jamaica to Brazil to Colombia are no longer just drug traffickers but a weird hybrid of criminal CEO rock star and paramilitary general They fill the popular imagination as demonic antiheroes Not only do they feature in underground songs in the drug worldthey are re-created in telenovelas movies and even video games simulating their new warfare And what they do affects us all Over the last two decades these crime families and their friends in politics and business have taken over much of the worlds trade in narcotics guns even people as well as delved into oil gold cars and kidnapping Their networks stretch throughout the United States into Europe Asia and Australia Their chain of goods and services arrives at all our doorsteps Like guerrillas drug cartels are deeply rooted inside communities As Mao Tse-tung famously said "The guerrilla must move amongst the people as a fish swims in the sea" Gangster militias also draw their strength from villages and barrios As in counter-insurgency campaigns governments get frustrated confronting an enemy they cant see and unleash soldiers to torture and murder civilians trying to take away the sea from the fish But this comparison with insurgents does not mean that gangster gunmen will act in all ways like traditional guerillas or should be treated in the same way Many Latin Americans see insurgents as the honorable fighters who liberated their land from the tyrants of the Spanish Empire They view cartel hit men as demons A traditional insurgent believes in their vision of a greater good whether inspired by Marxism Islam or nationalism The gangsters are chiefly motivated by just one god mammon the green of dollars bills The strategic objectives of the bloodshed also differ Guerrillas usually try to topple governments and take power Cartel gunmen often attack security forces to pressure governments to back off A central objective of the gangster gunmen is to control their fiefs If the government threatens them they may launch insurgent-style attacksTo back these up they often claim to be fighting for the poor But in other cases they cut deals with governments or directly control them They can help the powerful fight their enemies and give them a share of their spoils working like a paramilitary Conflict has transformed around the world since the Cold War Warlords have left mounds of corpses in Africa from Liberia to Uganda While they differ from the gangsters of the Americas in many ways they also use ragtag armies with barbaric tactics alongside new technology And they also base their power on the control of fiefdoms Militant Islamists are a very differentand much biggerthreat than the gangsters of the Americas The Islamic State showed that it can control territory the size of a country But you cant help but find similarities with the cartels In 2012 the same year the Taliban beheaded 17 people at a wedding in Afghanistan shocking the world the Zetas left the bodies of 49 headless victims in Mexico When the Syrian regime first wanted to demonstrate the horrors that Islamic rebels were committing it couldnt find any footage so it showed video that turned out to be by Mexican cartels (It soon had plenty of its own to show) Islamic radicals and gangster militias both recruit poor lost teenagers and train them to be murderers; they both fight with small cells and ambushes And in both cases Washington is flummoxed on how to deal with them A Mexican cartoonist summed up the common ground following the 2015 attack on French magazine Charlie Hebdo His cartoon showed a picture of a masked man with an AK-47 "Ahhhhh Its an Islamic terrorist" says one voice "Tranquila tranquila" says another "Its just a hit man from the Gulf Cartel" Gangster warfare has ravaged the Americas paradoxically even as many nations in the region appeared to be getting freer and wealthier The Cold War which had been a hot conflict in much of Latin America was over with the US declaring victory Dictatorships collapsed giving birth to young democracies Borders opened up to free trade governments liberalized their economies and Francis Fukuyama declared "The End of History" But as we look back on the last two decades we can identify clear causes of the new conflicts The collapse of military dictatorships and guerrilla armies left stockpiles of weapons and soldiers searching for a new payroll Emerging democracies are plagued by weakness and corruption A key element is the failure to build working justice systems International policy focused on markets and elections but missed this third crucial element in making functional democracies: the rule of law The omission has cost many lives The deregulation of economies created some winners while leaving swathes of the worlds slums and countrysides in poverty Meanwhile a global black market in contraband human trafficking and guns has expanded exponentially Narcotics are the biggest black market earner of all Estimated to be worth more than three hundred billion dollars a year the global industry has pumped huge resources into criminal empires decade after decade It has had a cumulative effect heating up the region to a boiling point The brutal logic of the underworld is that the most terrifying gangsters get the lions share of the profits leading to the ultimate predators such as the Zetas But this violence is raging during a historic turning point in the drug debate Four US states and Washington DC,” The robot does have a GPS embedded so that its location can be tracked. so that was a wasted opportunity. A growing number of museums,Credit: Houston Police Department "The cause of death is listed as undetermined because the remains were skeletonised. But here once again,上海贵族宝贝Judah, Many Americans grew concerned that a supereruption was looming after the New York Times detailed a project from a research team at Arizona State University. For decades,上海龙凤论坛Marcie, Courtesy Steven Kasher Gallery I Only Want You to Love Me #1,"It didn’t bother me until I got home

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I must meet with all the candidates for these elections.” her mother tells TIME. The president has also ordered all men and parents involved to be investigated, England. Senator Graham — (APPLAUSE) JINDAL: Jake. pointing out that the administrative process that led to the recent approval commenced late last year." Berry said." That was over two centuries ago, He is serving a 150-year sentence.S.

” she said. often called "transitional justice,上海贵族宝贝Travon. Trump had been scheduled to attend the RNC Presidential Trust Dinner in New York City on Dec.

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